Double eccentric butterfly valves

Nominal diameter, DN: 50…3000 mm

Nominal pressure, PN: 6/10/16/25/40 bar

Shutoff class: А, according to DIN EN 12266

In the pipeline valves market it is possible to meet increasing double eccentric butterfly valves recently. Double eccentric butterfly valves can be used as the locking and as the regulating fittings.  

The valves with a centric construction differ with a shift of the rotational axis of the shaft in two planes. Decrease friction between disc sealing and valve seat ring casing is achieved by means of that, which in turn affects the operating age of suchvalves positively.  

Valves with double eccentric design are used in the industrial systems of water supply. They are often used at the mining and processing combined works.  

Liquids and gases can act as a working medium here, which in turn are not aggressive in relation to the valve materials with a working temperature up to 150 °C.  

Depending on type of the working medium and operating conditions our engineers will help you to choose a packing material correctly. Applied packings in this design:

  • EPDM,
  • NBR,
  • FMP (Viton),
  • silicone.  

High-strength ductile iron or steel was used in this valve design as the body material.  

We can offer you spring return pneumatic actuators and double-acting drives with various bindings such as: regulating positioner, solenoid operated valve, limit switches or electric drive, lever and manual override.

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