Control valves

Nominal diameter, DN: 15…400 mm

Nominal pressure, PN: 16/25/40/100/160/400 bar

Leakage rate: IV, V, VI according to DIN EN 12266

Control valves is a type of pipeline fitting, designed to control operating parameters of a technological process, such as the flow rate, pressure, temperature and liquid level, which fully or partially opens or closes in response to a signal. Due to use of various drives the control valve allows to operate the thermodynamic processes in a continuous (analog 4 … 20ma, 0-10B) and a discrete (the 3rd positional) control system.

All control valves are constructed according to the modular concept and contain three main modules:

  • body,
  • trim,
  • actuator.

Globe or angle valve casing is made of carbon, cold-resistant or corrosion-resistant steel. Standard connection with the pipeline is the flange connection. Other modification of the attachment point is possible: for welding or coupling.

The valve can be designed with the pneumatic, manual or electric actuator. The pneumatic drive can be completed with manual overrides (top or side) and additional devices: filter-regulators, solenoid valves, limit switches, positioners. All pneumatic actuators have opposing springs, which allow automatic closing or opening of the valve while failure of supply air.

Special demands are made for the control valves intended for a high pressure and temperature, therefore Aurum Pumpen GmbH company represents production of the European quality, on which it is possible to rely at your problem solving.

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