Check valves

Nominal diameter, DN: 50…2200 mm

Nominal pressure, PN: 6/10/16/25/40 bar

Shutoff class: А, according to DIN EN 12266

Check valve is a type ofsafety pipeline valves.

Check valves are used to prevent changes of the flow direction in the medium in the industrial pipeline.  

Aurum Pumpen GmbH can offer you a wide range of check valves designs such as:

  • swing check valves,
  • butterfly check valves,
  • tilting disc check valves,
  • double-quadrant check valves.  

Depending on customer requirements we can offer either flanged or wafer construction.

At installation of check valves with a big diameter in the liquid there is a danger of hydraulic hammer if check valve close too fast. To avoid a sudden closing of the check valve and at the same time the hydraulic hummer, hydraulic dampers are established. Liquid dampers allow closing the check valve smoothly.

One more special modification is the protecting cover for the lever. It is necessary for protection of the operation personnel from the check valve action.

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