Ball valves

Nominal diameter, DN: 15…800 mm

Nominal pressure, PN: /10/16/25/40/100/160/250/400 bar

Leakage rate: А, according to DIN EN 12266

Ball valve is a type of shutoff pipeline valves, which is intended for full blocking of a fluid stream with providing of high tightness degree. High durability and rigidity of a construction allow guiding the ball valve in space in any position without loss of tightness and other characteristic changes.

The main advantage of the ball valves is a lack of pressure loss. The pressure loss of the valve will be commensurable with the pressure loss of a pipe while using full bore ball rings.

High tightness degree of ball valves is provided by the seat rings, which are conventionally made of elastic materials. Ball valves with soft seats are used for nonabrasive mediums with a temperature up to 220 °C.

Application of unique technologies of polishing and grinding-in of balls and seats, allows manufacturing valves not only with elastic packing of seating but also metal seated.

Ball valves with metal seats can be operated under difficult conditions, when the working medium contains abrasive particles or under high temperature conditions, which soft packings don't cope.

These valves designs are successfully operated at the moment at many industrial plants.

Ball valves differ in various types of pipeline connections:

  • screwed ball valves,
  • flanged ball valves,
  • wafer ball valves,
  • welded ball valves,
  • nipple ball valves.

Aurum Pumpen GmbH represents the wide variety of ball valves for the solution of various tasks. Ball valves with metal and soft seats, floating and trunnion designs. For use in work with pure, dirty, neutral, corrosive, liquids and gases.

The actuation of the ball valves can be exercised by means of lever, manual gearbox, electric actuator, pneumatic actuator. At the request of the customer the complete set of valves with actuators of any manufacturing companies is possible.

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