V300 Series Pumps

NPK125 V300NPK125Key Features:

  • Safe and dry installation of bearings.
  • Suitable for very aggressive media.
  • Designed for highest slurry temperatures max. 90°C.
  • Capable of withstanding extreme levels of acidity (pH 0).

Furthermore, designs V320 and V340 are particularly suitable for gassing and/or foaming media.

Typical V320 and V340 applications:

  • Flotations.
  • Digestion processes.
  • Discontinuous supplies.

Rated full loaded smooth delivery is achieved without regulation of incoming media.

The V series pump benefits from our modular concept design. This allows the V Series to carry shared hydraulic components also found in the HPK, NPK and NPW series pumps.

Both metal and elastomer designs are therefore available.

  • Shaft length up to 1,800 mm.
  • High depth reach thanks to extra suction tubes.

NPWH150The NPWH 150/400 V300 offers a large field of applications, for instance:

  • Sand & minerals processing.
  • Flue gas desulphurisation.
  • Steelworks, hotrolling mills.


Cantilever Sump Pumps For dry installation: V310 / V330

These series of pump are designed for dry installation


Installation Examples:

Cantilever Sump Pumps Wet Installation:

wet cantilever1wet cantilever2

Cantilever Sump Pumps Dry Installation:

Dry cantilever1dry cantilever2



Minimum liquid level at start: Maximum liquid level: Bottom Clearance: Drive:
hz = DN + 150 mm amin = 1 x DN hmin = 1.5 x DN

Belt drive
Direct motor coupling
Frequency drive