NPW Series

Ideal for Industrial Slurries Applications

NPW dissectNPW seriesThe main applications for the NPW series of metallic centrifugal pumps involve Light to Medium levels of wear.
High resistance to corrosive/abrasive media is achieved by the use of Habermann selected materials.

This series comprises single-stage heavy duty slurry pumps with easily-replaceable wear parts and re-adjustable wear plate, in a sandwich casing.

User benefits:

  • Ensured efficient use of valuable extra-hard material.
  • Savings on first investments and spare parts.

NPW application examples:

  • Sludge in stone quarries.
  • Discharge/feed pump in tunneling.
  • Mixer pump for ready-mixed concrete

NPW shaft sealThe NPW pump series provides an attractive economical choice for handling various kinds of abrasive media.
A cost effective and durable solution.

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