NPK Series

Metallic Heavy Duty Slurry Pumps

NPK series dissectThe main fields of application of the metallic type of NPK centrifugal pumps are those involving high levels of wear.NPK vertical

Through our careful selection of the best materials, NPK are also used for corrosive and abrasive media with grain sizes of up to 100 mm.

The exceptional wall thicknesses and core hardness of the main wear parts, such as impellers, casings, wear plates, provide durable performances. As such the NPK solid pump enjoys an excellent service life and can withstand the most dverse pumping conditions.

The NPK series contains single-stage centrifugal pumps with easily replaceable wear parts and re-adjustable suction gap. Our tie rods assembly system (across the casing covers) helps us to optimize the thread-free casing, its hardening and service life.

HBN Grades

BN wear and corrosion resistant materials are a result of our continuous research and development efforts. For more information on the innovative Habermann Cast Materials, please CLICK HERE

  • NPK horizontalHBN 440 Ni-Hard IV successor
  • HBN 450 highly wear-resistant cast iron, heat-treatable up to 650 HB
  • HBN 480 corrosion-resistant cast iron, heat-treatable up to 620 HB