HPK Series

HPK Series Pumps With Polyurethane Lining Technology, (elastic coating of all wet parts)

HPK series dissect

 HPK series pump

The HPK centrifugal pump series, with elastic lining made of polyurethane polymers or rubber, metal or mineral
casting, is preferably used for abrasive and/or corrosive media with a maximum grain size of 5 mm.

This series comprehends single-stage centrifugal pumps with easily replaceable wear parts and re- adjustable suction gap.

Wear plates
The wear plates are bolted to a metallic outer housing, while the casing liner is inserted and perfectly fitted.

Innovative Polyurethane Lining

polyurethane casing liners

All wear parts that come into contact with media are protected by our innovative lining.

This polyurethane lining materials are available in three different grades.

Polyurethane grades