ADS 350 overviewSmart, fully automated dredger with production optimization skills.

Economical and sustainable recovery of 350 tons/h of solids at 1km distance.

Controls & Automation

ADS 550 Dreger Master joystickdredger controloperation PLCThe ADS 350 Dredger's Controls and Automations are based on Siemens S7 software systems selected and installed by Idreco.. All settings and interfaces are provided in the Customer’s own language. Assistance is easy since complete remote electronic diagnostics are achievable simply through the mobile phone networks.

production regulation ADS350liquid flow speed measurement sensor KombineProduction regulation

Captors perform inter alia live measurements of:

  • suction pipe vacuum
  • discharge pressure
  • discharge flow velocity

The dredger’s Central Computer calculates the ideal dredging pump speed and commands its frequency converter. As well, the Computer commands the ladder and rightly adjusts the suction head depth in order to ensure both highest solids concentrations and regular production rates.

Waves Compensation

Surface waves caused by wind and other ships can disturb smooth dredging at high production rates.

The ADS Dredgers are equipped with a wave compensation module:

  • Sensors double-check the instant floating position of the dredger, as well as the suction head position versus surrounding ground levels.
  • The Computer commands the responsive, powerful, frequency-controlled central winch to adjust instantly the suction head position.
  • We therefore ensure continuous highest production rates while vacuum remains under control.


3D Dredging mappingMultiple 200 Hz Sonars feed the Central Computer with cross-checked information (triangulation).

The 3D river bed or pond bottom profiles are constantly updated and recorded.


Dredging mappingThe mapping system encompasses the past and future dredging areas in order to remember graphically the depleted zones and compute both locations and amounts of material remaining to be dredged. Dredging and production history can be followed, planning is easily made.

Production planning

The unique DGPS system analyses the productivity of your operating times. It ensures the success of area-wide dredging by preparing for the Dredger Master informative maps, cross sections and surveys.

Pilotless operation

ADS Cabin Controls

The Computer commands all position winches through frequency control and checks their cables’ tension. As well it sources instant and memorized inputs from the embedded systems.
These enable real-time, optimized sand extraction.
The Dredge Master therefore can receive a continuous, processed information flow relating to the dredger operation, that include:

  • Dredging model indicating obstacles, intercalated layers, etc…
  • Field limits, slope tilts, dredge levels, tolerance levels
  • Thickness remaining to be extracted at the position
  • Actual and accurate position of dredger
  • Actual and accurate position of the dredging tool
  • Horizontal and vertical limits 

The computer can autonomously ensure precise and smooth positioning and re-positioning of the dredger and change its location swiftly but smoothly according to the production planning.

The combination of the all sensing, regulating, computing systems result in a fully automated, secured, pilotless operation capacity.

Production & Pumping

Dredger Master’s Controls

ADS 350 control system monitorAll production data is displayed on wide touch-screens in the cabin and remotely at wish. The Dredger Master monitors in real time suction vaccum, slurry density, discharge pressure, slurry flow velocity, pumps’ speeds, voltage, power consumptions, suction head and dredger positions, warnings if any, as well as various other parameters for sensors, motors and secondary pumps.

The Dredger Master can, all from within his cabin, work in full manual mode or simply rely on the ADS 350's fully integrated automation and production optimization technologies. He can simply input the desired ranges for each dredging parameter, for the computer to dredge accordingly.

Additionally, the dredger can be used to switch, regulate and control on-shore additional equipment such as booster pump, wheel, conveyor belt, sand sorting, etc…

Production Rates ADS 350

Nominal Solids Capacity* 400 tons/h 
Nominal Slurry Capacity 1300 m3/h 
Nominal Manometric Head 60 m.w.c 

ADS 350 dredgerADS350 production






Technical Specifications

ADS 350 techspecsDesign ADS 350 Dredger

Steady trimaran design, out of container sized modules, easy to transport and assemble:

  • Central hull for dredge pump and all technical rooms;
  • Port and starboard pontoons for deck equipment and gantry;
  • Suction pipeline with hydraulic ripper nozzle.
  • The whole electric equipment is concentrated in the main hull:
  • Installation, wiring, testing can be performed directly at the production plant;
  • Quicker and simple assembly on-site.

Panoramic and ergonomic top cabin:

  • Space, panoramic open view, modern controls, comfortable Dredger Master armchair.
  • Double glazing, thermal insulation, shutters, air conditioning.


Based on a very stable trimaran design of 8m width with low gravity center, the ADS Dredgers are ready to face most extreme navigation circumstances. CE-conform, they are also built in accordance with the German BGV D21 – Rules for ships, floating safety and capsize safety.
8 large ballast tanks, particularly within the front pontoons, ensure highest stability and prefect positioning of the suction head;

Personnel security:
ADS550 anti slip deck

  • Your ADS Dredger is securely accessible in any weather condition:
  • Paint integrated granular anti-slip coating cover all decks;
  • Hot-dip galvanized handrails surround all decks and stairs;
  • Stairs are made of hot-dip galvanized grating for maximum grip;
  • Inside and outside emergency lightening provides guidance and reaction capacity in case of accidental blackout.

CE certification
ADS 350 Dredgers are certified CE-conform hence built according to all manufacturing rules set by the European Union.
As well, they do comply with the applicable German standards of BGV (working safety regulations).

Anti-scratch protected docking place with bollars, handles and safety chain;

Mechanical security:

    • Bulb Steel profiles are used to reinforce the hull and pontoons.ADS floor steel plates 8mm thicknessADS bulb steel profiles
    • Floor steel plates amount 8 mm thickness.
    • The overall structural reinforcements’ mesh is as tight as 50 * 50 cm.
    • Internal water-tight subdivisions of the pontoons into compartments;
    • In the event of accident, leak detectors warn the Dredger Master and dedicated bilge floor pumps automatically secure rooms and equipment.

Electrical security:ADS watertight electrical roomADS frequency drive water cooling system

    • Electrics and electronics is concentrated in a dedicated water-tight electrical room. As well, such equipment is elevated from the ground level onto a technical floor.
    • Doors and accesses to compartments are built up to marine standards.
    • The dedicated Transformer Room is sealed and allows no moisture to enter.
    • The dredging ship is equipped with emergency fire-fighting sprinkler systems.ADS Secure ventilationtemperature sensorleftwardhumidity sensorrightward f control cabinetsSafety module for Emergency stop for zero speed detection of motors ADS550
    • Electric rooms are properly and securely ventilated and air conditioned.
    • Large frequency converters enjoy a centralized independent water cooling system to remain at lowest temperatures and highest efficiency rates.
    • The megawatt dredge motor is additionally protected in case of No-Speed detected thanks to a special safety module.

Cedrus ADS 350 E15 DockingRust-free dredging:

ADS steel hull and pontoons enjoy a full (in and out) sand blasting, priming, extra thick painting according to special protective Wilckens® marine coating systems.
A paint thickness post control ensures that all in and out surfaces are duly covered.

All railings, roller blocks and other non-painted connection bars are hot-dip galvanized.

Long term investment value:

Based on our Customer experience and depending on actual conditions of use:

  • ADS dredgers have an average lifetime of more than 30 years.
  • Resale can be envisaged at 50% of purchase price after more than 10 years of use.

Basic Technical parameters ADS 350/E/13 

Installled Transformer 10kV/400V 800 kVA
Installed Power 541 kW
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H) 29,2 * 7,1 * 5,2 m
Total Weight 55 ton
Dredging Depth (Min-Max) 1,5 - 13 m
APF 350 Dredging Pump    
Nominal Capacity 1300 m3/h
Nominal Pressure 60 mlc
Pump Revolution Speed 660 1/min
Impeller Diameter 930 mm
Discharge Pipeline (onboard) 300 mm
Motor Power 400 kW
Jet Pump    
Nominal Capacity 200 m3/h
Nominal Pressure 9,2 bar
Motor Power 90 kW

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