ADS 550ADS suction dredgers are World Class, State of the art ships, thought and quality build for sustained productivity, highest reliability, aiming the utmost satisfaction of our worldwide Customers. The ADS line of dredgers are Idreco built in the Netherlands and produced in co-operation with Aurum.

Pumping heart

The revolving heart is an onboard horizontal ultra heavy duty dredging pump. The pump is virtually located under the water level in order to be self-priming and optimally pressurized. Therefore ADS dredgers can stretch as deep as 25 meters.

Premium equipment

ADS 550 Main Equipment EU BrandsADS equipment is carefully and exclusively selected from German, Dutch, and EU highly reputable manufacturers.

Technical data

At a glance, principal dimensions and performances of the ADS Dredgers Range 

 Length (overall, up to) 37 
 Width (overall, up to)  8
Average Draft (Full trim Tanks)  0.75 
Main Hull (L*W*H)  7 * 3 * 2.5 
Pontoons (L*W*H, up to) 20 * 2.5 * 2.5 
Suction Ladder winch (up to)  16  ton 
Dredge Pump (Suction diameter)  250 to 600  mm (DN) 
Jet Pump (up to) 1200 * 16  m3/h * bar 
Slurry Capacity 1000 to 6000  m3/h 
 Sand & Solids Production 300 to 2000  ton/h 

Security first

Intelligent design, combined with permanent embedded monitoring and control are key to ensure mechanical, electrical and personnel security. Read more while discovering our ADS models.

Easy movability

ADS modular designADS MoveabilityThe modular ADS design is transport efficient: Each module contains factory-installed particular equipment and has a specific role. A few Mechanics can easily disconnect, re-load in no more than 4 trucks, transport, unload, reconnect and start to dredge the next site in just a few working days.

Ergonomics and easiness

An ADS dredger is a daily working place for decades, it comprises on demand all the modern ergonomics, easiness, comfort and habitability the Dredger Master can wish for. 

Tailor Made for You

Experts DredgerADS Dredgers are designed and built according to each Customer’s specific needs and requirements. As well, they are continually updated and enhanced, to remain at the top of the dredging technology. 

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