100 E

Dredger with electric Drive of ADst 100(Е) type

Small-sized non self-propelled electric dredger.


The dredger is applied for excavation of soils of the 1-3 category, sand and  other non-metallic materials;  dikes, roads, building  sites aggradation, pumps cleaning and  bottom dredging operations in small channels and lakes. Ground ripping  - hydraulic, by means of high pressure water pump and  water jet system. Pulp intake is carried out by means of a submersible dredging pump. Construction

The dredger is composed of two pontoons connected by means of the Catamaran  principle. The dredger construction allows it to be fully assembled while in transportation. The following dredger mechanisms are installed: the boom of dredging pump hoisting / sinking, boom gantry and electric devices for boom operation and  dredger maneuvering. The water jet pump and  control panel for operation of dredger mechanisms are installed on the hull. The control platform and  panel are protected from atmosphere precipitation by means of a shed. The dredging pump operation control is carried out by means of the device of current consumption.The dredger mounting is carried out directly  on water within one  day.


Technical characteristics: