High Production Dredger with electric Drive of ADST 600(Е) type Capacity by pulp – up to 720 m3/h. Capacity by soil  – up to 220 m3/h. Non self-propelled dredger is applied for bottom dredging operations, waters cleaning, excavation of  Non-metallic materials from waters bottom, beach nourishment and sand excavation. The Main Data  
Dredger with electric Drive of ADst 100(Е) type Small-sized non self-propelled electric dredger. Application: The dredger is applied for excavation of soils of the 1-3 category, sand and  other non-metallic materials;  dikes, roads, building  sites aggradation, pumps cleaning and  bottom dredging operations in small channels and lakes. Ground ripping  - hydraulic, by means of high pressure water pump and  water jet system. Pulp intake is carried out by means of a submersible dredging pump. Construction The dredger is composed of two pontoons connected by means of the Catamaran  principle. The dredger construction allows it to be fully assembled while in…