Technical Characteristics:

Dredge Pump Head 71 m.w.c
Dredging Depth 1.5 - 12 meters
Installed Dredger Power 1925 KW
Installed Transformer Power 2500 KVA
Overall Dimensions of the Dredger (preliminary Pontoon Sizes) 18.0 x 8.0 x 2.4 meters
Discharge Pipeline on the Dredger NW 700 mm
Discharge Pipeline out of the Dredger NW 600 mm

Dredger Design Features

The dredger consists of the following components, namely:

• four main floating  pontoons,

• pontoon of the dredge pump with its drive,

• suction pipeline with hydraulic ripper nozzle,

• operator cabin.

The dredger operation can be controlled by the operator in manual mode. All the control actions necessary 

for dredger operation can  be carried out from the operator cabin.


Manual Control of:

• Motor operation

• Jet pump operation

• Water (seal) pump operation

• Winches operation

Additional indications:

• 1х voltmeter

• 1х amperemeter

• 1х vacuum indication

• 1х pressure indication

• 1х running hours meter

• 1х flow speed


Automatic Dredger operation Control system (siemens)

The  control of the  dredger operation is carried out  by means of the  automatic system of suction control. The control is based on the data on vacuum, pump pressure and  consumed power. The data of the suction pipeline are displayed. The display is installed on the control panel. The following data are displayed on the screen:

• suction pipe position,

• dredge pump rotation speed,

• pump energy consumption,

• vacuum,

• capacity,

• discharge pressure,

• failures messages,

• density measurement on the basis of weight  in the pipeline,

• system language - English (Russian - on request),

• complete diagnostics of the dredger and  failures by means of a GSM network.


Dredger Control/ operation

The dredger control system with DGPS with 4 echo sounders scans the  bottom of the  water body, dredges it in the set  range, calculates the dredged material in cubic meters. The system also indicates if the material is dredged for the first time.

The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce modifications without impact on the dredger construction