Technical Characteristics:

Capacity by Solid Material     Approximately 250m3/h of solid material with capacity by mixture of 1300m3/h
Maximum Dredging Depth 13 meters
Manometric Head 60 m.w.c
Ground Ripping Hydraulic
Dredger Working Travel  by means of ropes


Dredger Design Features

The dredger consists of the following components, namely:

• central pontoon with two side  pontoons;

• dredge pump pontoon;

• suction pipeline and  dredge head pontoon;

• control cabin.

The dredger is built in the  Trimaran design. Dredge pump and  jet pump are installed in a separate pump room. Suction pipe is located below the waterline for the sake of trouble-free start of the dredger. The dredger size is designed to be transportable.

Electric equipment as well as pumps are located at one  pontoon to avoid necessity to assemble and disassemble for transportation. The pontoons are sized to facilitate the  transportation of the  dredger and at the same time the vessel floats  steadily on the water and  better deals with the waves. To ensure the best floating  position the  ballast tanks are built into the  front pontoons. For technical maintenance the  ballast is removed and the depth of dredger submersion decreases. All the surfaces are sand blasted and are covered with a Wilkens coating system. The deck is covered with anti-slip coating.  The railings, roller block  on the front  pontoons and  the  connection bars behind and  under the  control cabin are hot-dip galvanized. The dredger is equipped with Aurum dredge pump of APF 350 type. This is a horizontal pump installed on a rigid foundation on the main pontoon.

The  control cabin is  fitted  with  a  modern and   comfortable arm-chair for  the  operator. Control equipment and  sensors are installed in the  elbows of the  operator chair. Moreover, there is a screen for programming and  monitoring of the automatic mode of the dredger operation in the control cabin.


 The following data are displayed on the screen:

 •   suction pipe position,

•   dredge pump speed,

•   vacuum,

•   discharge pressure, 

•   failures messages,

•   speed of material pumping,

•   operating condition of the sorting station conveyor (if available)

•   operating condition of the booster station (if available).