Habermann Shaft Seals

Habermann Triple Protection Gland Packing

triple action gland packingLow streams of sealing water are used for:

  • Sealing and cooling of multiple gland packing.
  • Frontline protection of complete sealing system.
  • Flushing of impeller’s back for minimized wear.

Simple, cost effective Habermann triple protection gland packing delivers outstanding durability.

Included as Standard

  • Easy mounting and disassembly thanks to gland housing radial split.

Flow restrictor and flow indicator for total control of sealing and lowest water consumption can be installed.


  • shaft seal expellerThe expeller is available as a standard feature on most of our pumps.
  • The expeller is particularly useful for fine-grain heavy liquids.
  • Application close to the boiling point of the suspension.
  • Perfect alternative to the mechanical shaft seal for difficult uses arising from:
    • Low sealing water quality.
    • Unpressurized sealing water.
    • Unpressurized sealing water admission.
  • The advantages are:
    • Further minimization of seal water consumption.
    • Gland packing backups at standstill.

The components of the expelling unit can be made of metal, polyurethane, rubber or from a combination of selected materials; according to your application requirements.

Simple-action Mechanical Shaft Seal

We offer a large selection of mechanical seals according to the pumped medium properties and required discharge pressure. Habermann intelligent seal designs achieve maximum prevention of corrosion and abrasion.
Our system directs the pressurizing springs to the safe atmospheric side; while wear resistant components face the slurry side.

Internal Mechanical Shaft Seal with Quench Seal (QS)

Our innovative HGD-1/QS withstands high pressures of up to 25 bars.
Our vortex chamber repels solids from the mechanical seal.
The mechanical shaft seal is lubricated and cooled via the quench connection. Natural thermosiphon system recycles water in closed loop.
Additionally, a pumping screw on the shaft sleeve forces circulation.

The advantages of this system are:

  • No contamination of your pumped liquids.
  • The use of HGD-1 is also possible without quench seal.

HGD-1 in Cartridge Design

HGD1 shaft sealThe cartridge seal is based on the proven HGD-1. It consists of a completely preassembled and quality controlled seal unit. This ensures perfect assembly every single time.
The assembly safety locks must be removed for the seal to be ready for operation.
The cartridge is designed to maintain its position even following an impeller clearance adjustment.
The HGD-1 in the cartridge design is available both as single and double mechanical shaft seals.


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