Sump Pumps

Description and features:

Single-stage and single-flow volute pumps with separate pipe column and discharge pipe. The hydraulic end is mounted inside the tank and the drive is installed outside.The impeller construction is hydraulically balanced by means of compensating rings and balancing holes for decreasing the axial load. Versions with packing or mechanical seal are available.

Depending on the depth of submersion, the pipe column of the pumps is completed with one or several pipe sections. If the pump is completed with several pipe sections, the shafts are joined with a sleeve coupling. Intermediate sleeve bearings made of silicon carbide are mounted to the pipe column by means of compensation support. For cooling and lubrication of the intermediate sleeve bearings, either the pumped medium from the discharge pipe or neutral liquid is supplied.

Applied materials comprise of malleable iron, carbon and stainless steel, and stainless alloys.

Technical characteristics:

Operating temperature - up to 160 °C

Additional Info

Capacity (m³ per hour):up to 950
Head (meters):up to 150

Additional Info

  • Capacity (m³ per hour): 1
  • Head (meters): 1

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