Piston Pumps

Plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps, single-acting, the working body is executed in the form of plunger made of heat-resistant ceramics, that ensures a long-term operating life and high capacity of the pump.

Single piece pump body as well as other components of the pump are made of high-quality forged stainless steel. Suction and discharge valves are elaborately and aptly adjusted.

It is possible to get access to the valves, plunger and gaskets directly without disassembling the pump body, suction and discharge pipelines. Simple replacement of plunger assemblies enables setting of the required ratio of pressure and capacity without any efforts. Ceramic plungers together with high wear-resistant seals, made of PTFE-Kevlar, make it possible to pump various liquids for a long period of time with small filtration losses.

Gearbox with a built-in reduction gear ensures a compact construction and high efficiency of the pump. An integrated design of the pump makes it possible to lubricate the pump by means of a general oil circulation. Temperature control ensures protection from overloads and insufficient lubrication. Flange mounted oil pump provides roller bearings with pressurized oil which is permanently filtrated, the oil pressure is always under control. Pressure gauge actuates when oil level is low or filter is contaminated.

Thus, a double control (of pressure and temperature) ensures high reliability and safe operation of the pump. Manometer is installed for the sake of oil pressure control. Herringbone gear ensures a smooth and free of axial thrust rotation of a robust crankshaft made by means of hot forging. All the gearbox gaskets can be replaced externally without any special tools. Oil cooler and a space-saving design ensure the achievement of good working characteristics even if the ambient or medium temperature is too high.

Plunger pumps application:

  • water jet cutting,
  • surface cleaning,
  • machines hydraulic drive,
  • hydraulic descaling,
  • technological liquids supply in petrochemical and mining industries.

Standard and special accessories to the plunger pumps:

  • Rotating flexible joints for high pressure up to 3000bar;
  • High pressure guns from 500 to 3000 bar;
  • High pressure rotating nozzles up to 3000 bar;
  • Hoses for pressure up to 3000 bar;
  • Foot valves up to 1500 bar;
  • Electric foot switch;
  • Tools for surface cleaning with working pressure up to 3000 bar;
  • Hydraulic nozzles for pressure up to 3000 bar;
  • Tools for pipes cleaning, for ships and tanks cleaning;
  • Multi-functional control valves, high pressure filters, pressure control valves, control and pressure-relief valves from 1500 up to 2500 bar

Technical characteristics:

Capacity - up to 2 363 l/min

Maximum pressure - up to 3500 bar

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