Flood Control


Deltas and their coastal cities accommodate us for fertile life but also present natural disaster risks. During long periods, the threat is not visible and drainage stations don’t work. However, reliability has to be ensured, at the precise moment it is needed. Idle times have to be taken into account for life cycle costs calculations as well as for installation reliability: long still-standing is a challenge for bearing and sealing. You can rely on Aurum Experts can select the right parts for such specific applications.

High capacities but Low head: head losses must be sharply reduced because each meter friction losses spared represents a great pump and motor downsizing opportunity.

Accidental Backflow prevention is a key issue. Passive securities (e.g. syphon) included in system design complementing active securities (e.g. valves) have to be designed, after having studied your applications specific constraints.


Climate change transforms our former rainfalls into sudden heavy skyfalls, hence serious damages.
Aurum studies and supplies for you “Plug and Pump” solutions, either network or genset powered.
Special care is dedicated to the Vaccum system, essential to reliable priming.


Agricultural fields flooding requires continuous pumping during longer dry seasons. Tens of Thousands of working hours make each percentage of higher efficiency rates a great potential for savings. Aurum Pumpen works in close relationship with the very best European large water pumps manufacturers, to offer its customers the most innovative and qualitative pumping solutions.

Often installed in development countries, irrigation pumping stations maintenance simplicity is a major factor in long lasting reliability. Beyond technical parameters, Aurum Experts care for Human factors when discussing a new project.

While the output discharge level (e.g. irrigation channel) is almost constant, the intake waters (e.g. river) levels can vary greatly. Analysis of hydrometric source/river data often leads to steep curve pumps selections in order to keep NPSHr under control (cavitation prevention). 



Aurum Pumpen GmbH, thanks to its strong industrial partnerships, undertakes pumping duties from the intake to the distribution network levels of your existing or projected desalination plant.
Material selections (mostly duplex and super duplex alloys declinations) are based on sea water chemical analysis. We work only with a few selected Stainless Steel high class foundries, able to ensure ultimate corrosion resistance:

PREN (Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number) factors

> 35 and more.
Crevice factors > 40


Drinking Water

Water Safety first

For the most essential consumer’s good, the first care is given to prevent any alteration or pollution of fresh waters. For instance, inner protective coatings prevent metallic surfaces to come in contact with the precious pumped liquid. When sufficient safety distances between lubrication points (shaft bearing) and pump sealing cannot be provided, the use of special biodegradable oils ensures that no harm is done to water, even in the event of accidental leakage.

Energy Efficiency

The almost continuous functioning of drinking water pumps makes each single percent of additional Efficiency a great value for power saving. Aurum Pumpen GmbH supplies top quality, top efficiency rates water pumps and calibrates them for a perfect match with your process environment, in order to let no resource of yours be washed away in unwanted energy bills.

Engineering and Pumps exclusive supplier

Aurum Engineering is experienced in designing and modernizing potable water treatment systems according to relevant Sanitary Regulations and, inter alia, 2.2.4-171-10 standards.

For each particular case we select appropriate treatment technology(ies) (chlorine ammoniation, application of sodium hypochlorite, ozone treatment, etc…)

We also manage the overhaul and reconstruction of treatment facilities, such as high capacity filters and clarifying tanks, aiming at their capacity increase and/or treatment quality enhancement.