Installation and commissioning of the non self-propelled dredger of ADST-300 series (Berezovskiy Silicate products plant, the Republic of Belarus)

Description of the Customer Needs:

Our Customer, a well established company in the field of Construction, intended to achieve sand winning at submerged depths previously unattainable with existing machinery and methods on site. The extracted sand is used for production of silicate brick, dry mortars, etc.

Operating Environment:

Sand winning with the help of building machinery (open-pit mining) was impossible for the quarry is filled with the underground waters. The quarry dredging depth (if open-pit mining is applied) is 5 m from the soil level. Sand deposits in the quarry are at 11-12 m from the soil level (or at 2-9 m from water surface).

Our solution:

Based on our extensive dredging experience, we offered our customer a non self-propelled electric dredger with electric pump, submerged till the contact with soil. As such we proposed a dredger of the ADST- 300 series. The dredger is equipped with the submersible electric pump which is used for pumping highly viscous soil mixtures with high solids content. The percentage by solid material for such application is 25-30% which is more efficient in comparison to sand winning with the dredger of classic design (10-12%).

Pumps and equipment installed:

Electric submersible pump APFT 360-22-55, produced by Aurum Pumpen, is installed at the dredger. The central winch of submersible electric pump is controlled by means of joystick and frequency converter. The dredger was duly tested and it was commissioned with the technical characteristics required for this dredger model.

Advatanges of Proposed solution:

High, energy efficient, sand extraction at depths previously un-attainable. Easily transportable, easily assembled modular ADST-300 Dredger design. Simple to operate and maintain.

Results and benefits

Sand extraction is more efficient in percentage ratio, while energy consumption is the same. By application of ADST-300 dredger, it is possible to achieve 30 meters of dredging depth which is twice as much as by application of a classic dredger.