Hydro-transportation of solids lies at the very origins of Aurum Pumpen GmbH successful businesses. Thanks to rolling silica and abrasive quartz, the Aurum Group grew into what it is today.


Sand extraction is one of our historical core activities. Aurum Pumpen GmbH proposes you our large range of APF wear resistant pumps, either with High Chrome alloys or polymer lined. As well, sand extraction is the main application of ADS and ADST Aurum dredgers lines.
Sand extraction is a science on its own:

  • Compact, clayish, rocky, moving deposits… For each situation, senior Aurum application engineers need to source in their extensive experience in order to deliver the perfectly fitting pumping or dredging solution.
  • Hydro-transportation mastery is the key to productivity and profitability. Achieving controlled, constant and permanent highest minerals concentrations is the output of Aurum innovative research and development efforts.


  • Dam Dredging

    Overview: Location: Digue du Godey - SwitzerlandResult: 18 000 m3 of sediments removed within a few weeks at record low costs!}Hydro-power dams retain and accumulate throughout the years quantities of sandy deposits behind them. Sediments not only diminish the total water reserve capacity of the...

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  • Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC Suction Dredger

    Overview: Suction dredgers are used for extraction of the sand-and-gravel mixture which is applied for building materials production. A suction dredger is the floating excavating and transporting equipment of continuous duty, designed for underwater rock ripping and transportation of the pulp to...

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  • Sand Extraction with ADST-300 Dredger

    Installation and commissioning of the non self-propelled dredger of ADST-300 series (Berezovskiy Silicate products plant, the Republic of Belarus) Description of the Customer Needs: Our Customer, a well established company in the field of Construction, intended to achieve sand winning at submerged depths...

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  • Underwater Cable Laying

    Description of the Customer Needs: Our customer intends to lay a cable from the bank through the river bed. To that effect, a trench must be dug into the sand of shallow waters in order to protect the cable from future damages.The issue presented before us was that the shallow waters are neither...

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Sand Processing

Dredging and extracting is often only a beginning. Material has yet to be washed, sieved, sorted in sub-products, accounted, buffered, flocculated, dewatered, stored, re-loaded.Perfect inter-compatibility between your dredger and your processing plant is key to achieve productivity gains, avoid redundancy and limit investments to the strict necessary.
Aurum Experts study in parallel the best fitting dredging scheme and the shortest way to your end product, taking into account your job site parameters, process constrains and commercial targets.
We do work in tight partnership with renowned German, Austrian and Dutch equipment manufacturers.

Aurum Pumpen Engineering GmbH can design and install your new full equipped:

  • Fixed, semi-mobile or mobile,
  • High tech or classical,
  • Wet or dry

Sand processing plant and sand storage plant.


  • Hydrotechnical Complex at the Sand Extraction Quarry

    Overview: Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC (Belarus Republic) is extracting sand for in-plant use while production of a range of building materials. Having own quarry, it is reasonable to use own dredgers.Up to the year 2013, Gomelstroymaterialy OJSC used for sand extraction the classic dredger (with...

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