Either Coal Fired, Hydraulic or Fossil energy, your Plant can rely on Aurum Experts.


Large, megawatt cooling systems are a core, historical specialty of Aurum Pumpen GmbH. Since two decades, we supply the tallest, largest vertical turbine pumps throughout the Eurasian continent. From valves to piping, from sensors to automated regulation, we design, supply and commission complete new pumping stations, extensions or their refurbishments.

Sand Traps

Power needs cooling, and cooling needs large amounts of fresh water. In open circuits, river and sea water purity cannot always be ensured. Silt and sand must be removed as early as possible, usually in sand dedicated sand traps. Classical submersible pumps often face troubles with sanding up, clogging, harmful over-sizing, overload, quick wear, which effects on plant reliability and maintenance costs.
Aurum Pumpen selects for you the model suiting to your application's peculiarities, out of its comprehensive range of submersible sand pumps with agitator.



Flushing and removal of ashes from the ashtray is a difficult operation. Crust, scales, agglomerations tend to clog while abrasive particles eat away soft alloys. Aurum Experts listen to your customer experience, understand and carefully select the very right pump, best adapted to your particular process.
Long standing coal fired power plants often suffer from historical open air large deposits of ash in ponds. For environmental or practical reasons, Aurum Pumpen dredges, dries thick ash muds for terminal disposal. 

Smoke Neutralisation

Wet process smoke neutralization, with the use of lime slurry, is often a trouble for power plant smooth operation. Global pump suppliers often don’t pay much attention to wear problems and select wrongly slurry pumps which consequently fail continuously. Aurum Specialists do care and analyze each of your applications’ peculiarities in order to provide full satisfaction to both your maintenance and financial departments.