Aurum Pumpen GmbH has decades of experience in advising and supplying Copper, Iron, Coal, Ilmenite (FeTiO3), Cobalt, Zinc, Gold, Zircon (ZrSiO4) largest Mines throughout the Eurasian continent.

Open Pit

Open pits collect rain waters at their central, lowest point. Washing away the dust and ore particles from steep slopes, rain often becomes an aggressive, acidic sludge. Certainly, without pumping, the pond would become an overflowing swamp.

Aurum Pumpen offers you its experimented solutions for:

  • High Head water pumping stations for your main drainage.
  • - Adapted Pumps with Stainless, Duplex, Polymer bodies or special coatings, resistant to Chemical aggressions, for any chemical composition and pH value.
  •  Pond bottom slurries recovery thanks to APFT heavy duty submersible pumps with agitators.



Underground mining means non-stop excavation of solids by economy and pumping fluids by necessity. Underground infiltrations can be sudden and floods catastrophic, if not wisely foreseen and strictly prevented. Aurum Pumpen Experts do understand the need for compactness & vital reliability of deep mines dewatering systems.
The large pump platform of Aurum Pumpen comprises top-class, energy efficient, Well, Multistage, Split-casing pumps to solve your actual pumping problems or let us design your next pumping station.
Abrasive ore particles in dewatering systems used to be the nightmare of our Mining Customers, with relentless maintenance costs due to attrition on sensitive high head water pumps. It is now over because we do implement together with them, as close at the source as possible, the removal of solids from water. Indeed, Aurum Pumpen can equip your collecting pits and feeding tanks with complementary, small submersible slurry pumps in order to preserve lifetime of the larger clear water evacuation units. Our Experts can propose on demand complete slurries dewatering solutions with adapted filter-presses but would rather find with you the cheapest way: simple disposal and gravitational settling of particles!


Ore Processing

Ore separation and concentration is always demanding in energy and requires multiple and difficult pumping operations. After grinding, heavy duty pumps occupy the scene.
Either abrasive, corrosive, aggressive, hot, two-phase or all at once, your slurry will be found his best matching pump. Aurum Experts will select or build for you any type of rubber-, polyurethane coated, polymer body, high chrome pump and more, as your application requires, in whichever horizontal, vertical, sump, cantilever, submersible execution.


  • New Dredger & Multi-Lingual Expertise

    Case Report: For 4 consecutive weeks on site, Julia Terentyeva, practiced as translator between Aurum Engineers, Fitters, Specialized Technicians and the Juzhnyi Iron Ore Processing Plant Customer Representatives. This for the assembly, tests and start-up of the ADS 550/E/12 Dredger, 4000 m3/h @...

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  • Titania Concentration Plant

    Customer’s requirements: Our Customer, a Titanium ore processing industry, enquired Aurum Pumpen Group to select and install suitable, reliable pumps for his Titanium (IV) oxide filter press.Did the customer have the issues with pumping actions. The former pumps suffered a serious breakdown every 200...

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