Power Plants

Power Objects Design

Main building of the central heating and power plant

Company area of activity - execution of the designer functions while development of design and budget documentation for building and reconstruction of power and network facilities of various types and power, in particular:

  • thermal power plants;
  • central heating and power plants;
  • central heating and power plants - steam-air blowing stations;
  • gas-steam plants;
  • gas-turbine plants;
  • vapour-boiler stations;
  • water-heating boiler stations;
  • mini thermal power plants with use of gas reciprocating engines, gas-turbine plants, diesel-generator installations;
  • network substations with voltage of 110 - 1150 kV.

Integrated design of electric network facilities

Design of power lines, substations, including gas insulated switchgears, protection and control systems, connection and telemechanics, automatic system for commercial accounting of power consumption, automatic process control system, electric power quality control.

Design is carried out in the following scope:

Electric Engineering:

  • Design of primary electric connections' circuits;
  • Design documentation development of layout and arrangement of electric equipment, earth connection and lightning guard, cable structures arrangement, lighting, station and network facilities' cables layout.
  • Development of wiring and complete diagrams of relay protection and automatics, calculation of preset values of relay protection and automation devices, development of configuration schemes of relay protection and automation terminals, station and network facilities' assembly diagrams.
  • Complete plant connection, guard and fire alarm system; technical security equipment of automatic process control system facilities, namely:
  • Control and automation functional diagrams
  • Cable diagrams of instruments and controls
  • Automatic process control system equipment layout
  • Machinery control circuits
  • Design assignments to the plant on incomplete delivery of control panel devices
  • External connections to panel devices

Sanitary engineering:

  • Heating, ventilation, buildings and edifices' heat and refrigeration supply
  • External networks and facilities of water and sewage pipes
  • Internal networks of water and sewage pipes of all the buildings and edifices
  • Fire precaution measures
  • Water treatment facilities for service and drinking purposes
  • Treatment and final purification facilities of utility and rain sewages

Construction engineering:

  • Design of construction part of power facilities including facilities in seismic areas
  • Buildings and edifices' reinforced concrete structures
  • Buildings and edifices' metal structures
  • Engineering constructions
  • Architectural part of design and general layout
  • Design of architectural part of power facilities
  • General layout and transport
  • Budget documentation
  • Plans of construction organization


Large, megawatt cooling systems are a core, historical specialty of Aurum Pumpen GmbH. Since two decades, we supply the tallest, largest vertical turbine pumps throughout the Eurasian continent. From valves to piping, from sensors to automated regulation, we design, supply and commission complete new pumping stations, extensions or their refurbishments.

Sand Traps

Power needs cooling, and cooling needs large amounts of fresh water. In open circuits, river and sea water purity cannot always be ensured. Silt and sand must be removed as early as possible, usually in sand dedicated sand traps. Classical submersible pumps often face troubles with sanding up, clogging, harmful over-sizing, overload, quick wear, which effects on plant reliability and maintenance costs.
Aurum Pumpen selects for you the model suiting to your application's peculiarities, out of its comprehensive range of submersible sand pumps with agitator.



Flushing and removal of ashes from the ashtray is a difficult operation. Crust, scales, agglomerations tend to clog while abrasive particles eat away soft alloys. Aurum Experts listen to your customer experience, understand and carefully select the very right pump, best adapted to your particular process.
Long standing coal fired power plants often suffer from historical open air large deposits of ash in ponds. For environmental or practical reasons, Aurum Pumpen dredges, dries thick ash muds for terminal disposal. 

Smoke Neutralisation

Wet process smoke neutralization, with the use of lime slurry, is often a trouble for power plant smooth operation. Global pump suppliers often don’t pay much attention to wear problems and select wrongly slurry pumps which consequently fail continuously. Aurum Specialists do care and analyze each of your applications’ peculiarities in order to provide full satisfaction to both your maintenance and financial departments.

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