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Well-founded thinking precedes big achievements. Aurum Engineering Experts start with a careful study your situation and real needs:

  • Survey of technological processes
  • Physic-chemical water analysis
  • Minerals/water balance check
  • Deposits and corrosion Risk Analysis

Evaluation of enhancement possibilities; Genuine Solutions for:

  • Minimization of expenses on feed water and of blow down waters discharges
  • Creation of closed, no consumption, no discharge systems
  • Rational combination of local reverse cycles with your general water circulation system
  • Implementation of water purification units, as necessary
  • Water treatment according to newest methods
  • Design of economically-efficient integrated water systems architectures.

Trust the Aurum Engineering Team to solve your process water and implement lasting, quick return solutions:

  • Intelligent sequential-secondary use of waters from “higher requirements” circuits to “lower requirements” circuits.
  • Reduction of flushing needs thanks to stabilizing treatments applied to circulating and/or fill up waters.
  • Choice of the best chemical water treatments to match closely your closed circulation system requirements.
  • Prevention and control of bio-fouling, corrosion and clogging risks
  • Appropriate purification of contaminated industrial wastewaters
  • Concentration / evaporation / thermal softening of saline residues
  • Reconditioning for re-use of surface wastewaters

As many happy industrial Customers in Nigeria, Turkey, India, CIS and beyond, use the extensive experience and applied know-how of Aurum Experts in order to reduce your water and wastewater costs as well as strengthen your core process reliability.

Steel Mills

Steel Mills are traditionally large consumers of process waters. Pressurized sprays remove scales (flakes) from hot metal surfaces.
Aurum Engineering Experts propose enhancements aiming at the:
• Re-use of dirty waters as “conditionally clean” waters.
• Perfect match between purification equipment and necessitated quality levels
• Reduction the waste water treatment plant occupied areas
• Reduction of the necessitated fill-up waters
• Elimination of unbalanced water mass discharges into final pond

In the design of adapted water recycling systems for hot rolling mills and continuous casting machines, Aurum Engineers always aim for quickly amortizable, pragmatic solutions, taking into account the peculiar field opportunities and constrains.

Steel Mill wastewater management enhancement

Example of designed plant enhancement:

water schematics

BEFORE – unbalanced water mass is discharged to the final pond


water schematics1

AFTER – anthracite-quartz filters now allow 100% water looping

For the implementation of this technical solution, in order to avoid accumulation of suspended fine particles, a coagulation treatment based on aluminum sulphate was provided.

Zero-discharge / 2-stage water purification system for Casters and Rolling Mills.

water schematics2
• The use of high efficiency pressure filters, allowing re-allocation of large plants area;
• Recycling water supply system has no bleed water discharge into the industrial sewage system.
• High level Automation is provided

Zero-discharge / 3-stage water purification system for most demanding Customers.

water schematics3

Following quality parameters were secured:
Max. suspended substances: 10 mg/dm3
Max. oils contents: 1 mg/dm3



Aurum Engineering GmbH develops Demineralized Water Production Plants for various industries and particularly for:
• closed cooling circuits
• evaporative cooling circuits
• cooling of continuous casting lines
• boilers circuits of BOF gas cooling

The main purpose of demineralization is the prevention of solid crystals precipitation and incrustation (mostly calcium carbonate) in water-cooled elements, parts and bodies.

Read "Carbonate sedimentation prevention"

Alternatively, our company can also upgrade your existing water demineralization systems.

Aurum Engineering GmbH works in good partnership with numerous leading European manufacturers of water treatment devices and systems, in order to provide you with efficient, state of the art and affordable adapted solutions. We create genuine systems for maximum performance and minimum wastewater volumes

For instance below the logical scheme of a 545m3/h demineralized water plant:
Demineralized plant
At the request of our Customer, there is absolutely no wastewater – a vacuum evaporator is used to get rid of the final 52m3/h sludge.

Surface Waters

Applicable to rain, storm and melt waters as well as to some industrial wastewaters.

Pump filter station
Simple preparation of surface waters to industrial process re-use:

1 – Sedimentation pool
2 – Pump and filter station
3 – Return / fresh water intake line
Aurum Engineering GmbH has developed a methodology to determine the most rational capacity of sedimentation pools and tanks. The latter are equipped with modulated water withdrawal. Efficiency of water purification from suspended contents is highly increased.

Our proposed surface water treatments are always designed to match the qualities your process water requires.

Lube oil Extraction

Aurum Engineering GmbH has a specialty in collecting surface oil (from horizontal sludge tanks, scale pits, radial sludge tanks, flocculation tanks, storage capacities, etc…)

MC-500 Oil Catcher:

We suggest new generation Oil catchers, read more …

Water – Oil mixtures separation
Aurum Engineering GmbH studies, designs, engineers and supplies complete stations extracting oil contents water-oil emulsions. Contact us for more information.

Oil extraction

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