Blast Furnaces

Aurum Engineering has got the possibility to carry out complex design of blast furnace process plants. In our projects we are offering solutions enabling to improve technical and economic values, save energy resources, increase the furnace operating life and to take measures for environment protection.

Aurum Engineering also specializes in cooling systems of blast furnaces cooling plates. We design projects for all known cooling systems, including the construction of the cooling plates, made from a variety of materials, to include copper.

Blast Furnace Cooling

Blast Furnaces Cooling Systems

Aurum Engineering GmbH performs the detailed engineering of blast furnace cooling systems:

  • Cooling circuits with process water
  • Evaporative cooling with natural and forced circulation (see relevant section)
  • Closed chemically purified water cooling systems (see relevant section)
  • Water-water and water-air heat exchangers

Off-standard equipment for metallurgy cooling systems, including:

  • Blast furnace coolers, including copper plates (see relevant section)
  • Drum separators, waste holding tanks and related equipment
  • Blast furnace and bell-less top industrial wiring
  • Water supply and recycling circuits
  • Filtering and pumping stations
  • Compressors stations, air dehumidification and ASP (Air Separation Plants)
  • Oxygen, gas, compressed air as well as nitrogen distribution networks
  • Systems for enhancing output of low-grade steam produced by evaporative cooling systems of metallurgical units with the use of mechanical steam compression technology, vapor recovery of evaporative cooling systems.

On site duties and project follow-up :

  • Inspections to determine the current status of objects to be modernized
  • Reporting, project management, issuance of dimensional drawings
  • Construction supervision


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PCI Upgrade

Upgrade of cooling system for PCI (Pulverized Coal Injection)

Aurum Engineering GmbH can upgrade existing water cooling systems to match new PCI operating conditions. One solution is to switch to high pressure cooling, with the help of booster pumps. Water supply pipeline and by-pass line are provided for backup. The possibility of using the cooling system with low pressure (as a backup) eliminates the necessity of reserve pumps (normally required in accordance with safety regulations).

Prior investigation is necessary and enables to:

  • Decide if existing discharge and drainage communications can be used with booster pumps
  • Determine true-to-life configuration and diameters of cooling system lines
  • Define flow speed necessities in all zones

After such analysis, optimization and redistribution of thermal loads on blast furnace cooling plates can be carried out, in view of PCI technology integration.

As a result, we can limit the water necessities and decrease overhaul and maintenance expenses.

To review a dedicated case study on PCI cooling systems, please click here

pumping station for cooling process water

Innovative Plates

Innovative BF cooling plates

Aurum Experts ensure reliable operation of cooling systems under thermal loads increase, since the application of PCI technology as well as blast furnace melting process intensification.

Aurum Engineering GmbH is installing the latest generation cooling plates:

  • Cast iron cooling plates with 2 tubing coils in 2 planes
  • Cast iron cooling plates with 4 cooling pipes at the internal side and 1 tubing coil at the external side
  • Copper cooling plates with round drilled cooling channels.

To review a dedicated case study on our innovative BF cooling plates please click here 

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Forced Circulation

Evaporative cooling with forced circulation

Main advantages of evaporative cooling system with forced circulation:

  • The system contains less metal, requires lesser investments and is easier to operate in comparison to chemically purified water system
  • Thanks to natural circulation mode backup, the evaporative cooling system is independent from electric power sources
  • Thanks to its water reserve in the separating drum, the system can work without water feed for a certain period of time which is enough for trouble-shooting any water supply incident
  • Opportunity of heat recovery in the form of saturated vapor
  • Return on investment = 2 to 3 years.

Evaporative cooling system with forced circulation

Purified Water

Chemically purified water

In the redesign and construction of new blast furnaces, Aurum Engineering GmbH recommends the installation of a cooling system with chemically purified water in closed circuit. This state-of-the-art system has a number of advantages, namely:

  • The cooling plates temperature decrease together with the circulating cooling water (up to ≈55°С). As the flow at the cooling circuit inlet and outlet is single-phase, there is a possibility to install electro-magnetic flow meters on supply and discharge pipelines for automatic control of the cooling system density.
  • The conditions for protective skull formation on cooling plates improve.
  • High stability of heat removal.
  • Water speed is stable in all circulating circuits.
  • It is possible to apply an automated technological process control which performs the function of continuous fast-acting automated monitoring, heat distribution and dissipation along the furnace height and circumference. The system also carries out the automated control of frequency converters of circulation pumps' motors. The system of cooling plates' burned spots localization with visualization provides the maintenance staff with data on technological process status, enables adjustment of the main parameters and remote equipment control, ensures keeping the most important technological parameters within the set range and signals, in case of, deviation from the operating parameters.
  • Increase of BF operating life, without replacement of cooling plates, up to + 15 years.

Cooling system with chemically purified water in closed circuit

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