Jean Philippe Schell

Areas of Specialisation:
Heavy duty Slurry Pumps
Sand winning, Dredging
Wear resistant materials and sealing

Tel:+49 (0) 2822 97799 14

Spoken Languages: 
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Position at Aurum Group:

Technical and Commercial Director

Professional Experience:

Technical support in slurry pumping applications
Sales of submersible pumps with agitator
Training on solids hydro-transportation
Piping job sites management

Employment Background:

Technical and commercial Director at Aurum Pumpen Group
Area Manager at Toyo Pumps
Job site leader on piping works at Bouygues Group

Area of Responsibility and Key Project Names:

  • Special pumping projects:
    Extra deep drilling mud pumping, Ocean Riser, Norway;
    Harbour remediation and mud stabilization for Peab, Sweden;
    Sandy bentonite recovery for Bachy Soletanche, London sewerage shafts.
  • Training:
    Pump sales forces training at Telstar, France and Hüdig, Germany.
  • Sand winning troubleshooting:
    Pump clogging in Gendek quarry, Poland.