Wolfgang Schneider

Areas of Specialisation:
Construction of pump parts. Managing Quality control and Standards. Application of the GLRDs

Tel: +49 (0234) 893 570 25

Spoken Languages: 
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Position at Aurum Group:

Design engineer

Professional Experience:

Training as a technical draftsman.
From 1980 until 2015 Mr. Schneider had been working as a technical draftsman and design engineer in the field of pump building.

Employment Background:

Construction and technical project management in the field of submersible pumps (1980-2000).
Construction, order processing and project supervision in the field of horizontal slurry pumps (2000-2015)

Field of work:

Atex-approval of the HPK and NPK pump series at the Habermann company, including internal and external documentation.
Fitting design of the cartridge mechanical seal (GLRD) for slurry pumps.
Implementation of the mechanical seal with sealing pressure connection