Aurum Pumpen Historical Timeline


Acquisition of Habermann Slurry Pumps

In a strategic integration Aurum Pumpen GmbH acquires ownership of Habermann Slurry pumps. A company with over 80 years of pump manufacturing experience. Habermann is a leading name worldwide in manufacturing quality pumps, designed for the hydro transportation of highly abrasive and corrosive slurries.


New Website Launched

Important step of the revised corporate Marketing plan, a new corporate Website is constructed in order for Aurum Pumpen GmbH, Aurum Dredging Technology GmbH and Aurum Engineering GmbH, to share their capacities, products, experiences in their respective fields of specialization, online with their worldwide Customers.


Aurum Dredger ADS 350/E/13

This beautiful Aurum Dredger of our 'ADS Technik' range recovers abrasive quartz sands and stones at the Cedrus Quarry. Sands and crushed stones are destined to feed a dry mortar mixing and bagging plant.


Corporate Marketing

Restructuring and centralization of the unified Aurum Marketing Department. A new long-term corporate marketing strategy was initiated.


Aurum Pumpen International Ltd.

Establishment in Cyprus of Aurum Pumpen International Ltd. The unit is mainly responsible for Aurum Pumpen Group sales network expansion to overseas export markets. As well it participates to the Group's marketing strategies and policies development as well as implementation.


Aurum Dredger ADS 550/E/12

Launch of a 130 tons ADS 550/E/12 vessel. For process and ecological benefits, it operates into the huge historical ore residues discharge pond of an iron ore mine. It transports concentrated abrasive solids on kilometers and creates a spoil tip.


Ships Testing Waves Simulator

Prestigious Mega-project in Saint-Petersburg for Krylov Shipbuilding Research Institute, pumping station including Qty.6 Propeller Pumps, 34,200 m3/h each.


Headquarters Expansion in Emmerich

Aurum Pumpen GmbH Head Quarters were mutated to Emmerich, what enables to accomodate its organic expansion. Bigger open space premises to cater for the growing Team and comfortably welcome Guests, along with well equipped Worshop and Stock areas. Extra land is available for the coming extension of the German production capacities of the Aurum Pumpen Group.


New Steelworks

Delivery of Aurum APF solid pumps for scales slurries and 30 APW pumps (for oven cooling and other technical waters) to the new NLMK works which now produces sectional steel.


Yenakievo Project

Yenakievo Project. Vertical Nijhuis-Pentair pumps. See the dedicated case study


Aurum Pump Asia

Establishment of Aurum Pump Asia in Almaty to cover Mines and Heavy Industries pumping needs over Central Asian Countries


Aurom Pomp Rusland

Establishment of Aurom Pomp Rusland in Moscow, together with its Yekateringsburg Branch.


Turbine Pumps

Design and integration of tailor made turbine pumps at Illicha Steelworks


Petrochemicals Project

Successful installation and commissioning, in a refinery of petro-giant Lukoil, of 4 cooling water Nijhuis pumps, 4000 m3/h @ 40 mlc each.


Water pumps with Nijuis (Pentair-Fairbanks)

Aurum Pumpen and Nijhuis (Netherlands) establish their partnership for high efficiency large water pumps.


Vertical faecal pumps production line

A new line of faecal pumps, with shafts up to 5m long, are being assembled in our facilities.


Dragflow Slurry Pumps

A partnership was initiated with Dragflow Italy but lasted only until 2009. The Aurum Klassik ADST Dredgers line is now equipped with our own APFT Sand Pumps.


Aurum Dredging Technology

The Aurum Pumpen Group integrates the production of its ADST Klassik dredgers line in its own facilities.


Wernert Chemical Pumps

Strong come back in the Chemicals market thanks to a solid partnership with Wernert Pumpen GmbH, the leading German chemicals pumps specialist manufacturer. For instance, old metal pumps suffering 80% concentrated sulphuric acid (H2SO4) are now replaced by polymer ones with new sealing systems: Maintenance periods jump from 3 months to 2 years.


Enlargement in Westphalia

Thanks to its Purchase Department, the Aurum Group centralizes its supply management from West-European Manufacturing Partners, hence increasing its global supply chain efficiency.


Paper Industry

Installation of paper pulp monochannel centrifugal pumps up to 400 kW


Sugar Industry

Entry into Sugar Industry markets, especially at the level of sugar beets washing heterogeneous sludges, evacuated thanks to APF slurry pumps.


Petrochemistry - API 610

Entry into the world of refinery plants and crude oil transportation markets. Aurum Pumpen now sustains a strategic partnership with a leading German petrochemicals pumps specialist manufacturer: Dickow Pumpen KG.


Mining pumps: High Chrome & Polymer Lined

APF mining pumps are already moving daily millions of tons of abrasive and aggressive (pH 2 to 12) ore including: Iron, Copper, Zinc, Zircon (ZrSiO4), Ilmenite (FeTiO3), and many more.


Investing in Technology

The Company completely upgraded its IT standards with new servers, PCs, telecommunications systems and Engineering software.


Expansion of Commercial Team

Along with the growing success of the Group activities, several specialists with experience in various heavy industries were recruited; amongst which, Pump Experts and Sales Engineers.


Fluid Mechanics Knowledge

A Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics specialist is hired. Design works are mostly carried out with SolidWorks and Pro-Engineering software.


Company refocus on pumps

The group seizes the opportunity to resell its succesful Zinc Powder production plant to a larger industrial group and re-focuses on its Pumps core business.


Coal fired Power Plants

Entry into the Power Plants industrial segment. Amongst cooling and process water applications, ashes flushing and removal to the sedimentation pond thanks to APF pumps becomes a new expertise area.


60 Scales Pumps for the Steel Industry

First very large scale project is implemented in the steel industry: 60 APF scales pumps for the desclaling of process water are delivered, in the context of complete plant overhaul.



New pumps, pumping stations and complete industrial plants are computed on SolidWorks, Pro-Engineering, Creo or Rukon by our Draughtsmen


Water Treatment for Heavy Industry

Chemicals wastewaters, hydrochloric acid (HCl), Sulfuric acid (H2SO4), Titandioxide (TiO2) sludges


Zinc Powder activities

The Owning Safi Family seizes the opportunity to invest in Zinc powder production demanded by its metal industry customers, with a dedicated production plant.


Diversification of the pump ranges

New double suction and vertical axial tubine pumps join the growing product range, particularly for large cooling water systems in the heavy industry.


First deliveries to Mines and Steelworks

New pumping applications are covered. Mining: Dewatering of iron ore with filter press Steelworks: Pumping of scales carrying waters to sedimentation pools


Company Establishment

The Original Family Company is established with a workshop and already aims to provide: - Industrial pumping solutions, - Supply of heavy duty pumps.