Aurum Pumpen GmbH is proud to announce the acquisition of the Habermann Slurry Pumps division. We aim to continue Arthur Habermann 80+ years of successful tradition in the industry by offering continued service to existing and new Habermann customers. It is not just about producing pumps, it is a partnership for the future.

At Aurum Pumpen GmbH we strive to continuously evolve and offer high quality, reliable pumping and dredging solutions that increase productivity, lower operational costs and deliver quick return on investment. Innovation and expertise; define who we are.

At Aurum Pumpen GmbH we produce and stock the extensive line of Habermann Solids Pumps. Click here to learn more about the available pump models.

Aurum Klassik ADST dredgers are designed for simple, lasting, efficient and quickly profitable ponds and river dredging operations. Equipped with heavy duty Aurum APFT Submersible Dredging Pumps, one can extract 300 tons/h of sand and minerals to be delivered at 500 m onshore.

Extracting Sand from a depth of 30m; pumping to 300m on-shore and producing up to 360 m3/hr. The ADST Dredgers fitted with Aurum Pumpen APFT pumps provide reliable, cost effective dredging solutions.

Aurum Pumpen GmbH is integrated vertically providing a "one stop shop" for all your major project needs; wherever your operations may be.

Aurum Engineering is a research and engineering division, working in the field of industrial ecology, use of secondary resources, energy saving, development and application of new technologies, designing of enterprises, production facilities and equipment.

Aurum Pumpen has successfully designed, implemented and maintained a diverse selection of large technical projects over a variety of industries. In our expertise section you will be able to view selected case studies of our applied experience within particular industrial sectors.

We approach complex technical applications with an eye for detail and an arsenal of technical know-how and expertise. With a focus on providing our clients with the most efficient and cost effective solutions for any application situation.

Our strength is our people. At your service is a collaborative, skilled, approachable International Technical Team consisting of experts in a variety of fields. From Application Engineers to Expert Consultants and Technicians who will guide you in assessing and implementing the best application solutions.

At Aurum Pumpen GmbH we are aware that long term relationships are based on trust and the ability to offer support and upkeep long after a project is finalized. We endeavor to maintain a strong service oriented team that works hard to assist our clients throughout the implementation process and beyond.

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