Key Advantages, Features and Benefits. All you want to know about our Klassik ADST Dredgers line.


  • Sand winning
  • Rivers and irrigation channels dredging
  • Harbors and Dams dredging
  • Industrial sedimentation ponds cleaning
  • Special applications on request

 Transported Solids

  • Sand from river beds.
  • Clayish Sand & Gravel from inland open pits.
  • Scales from Steel Works sedimentation ponds.
  • Non-Ore remains from mines dumping ponds.
  • Ashes from coal fired power plants discharge ponds.
  • Marine sediments and settled silt from harbors.
  • Mud from irrigation channels.
  • Sand & Stones from dam’s reservoirs.

Discharging further on

ADST Line Booster SetWhatever distant your discharge point must be, we can always complement the submersible dredging pump reach with a ultra-heavy duty APF horizontal dredging pump based Booster Set.
Aurum Pumpen GmbH delivers your minerals at up to 3 km distance.

Turn-key Dredgers

ADST productivity turnkeyAll essentials our Engineers select, quantify and deliver together with your Aurum Dredger, according to your specific needs and requirements. Don’t run any more after Connectors, Protections, Semi-flexible Hoses, Submersible floats, Discharge HDPE Pipelines, Flanges, Rigid Floats, Clamps, Guides, Cables, Sockets and all types of accessories: They are all included in our all-in turn-key ADST dredgers.

Tailor Made for You

ADST tailor madeWe equip, modulate and build our ADST dredgers according to each Customer’s specific needs and requirements. As well, don’t hesitate to enquire us for the large choice of available options.


Die innovative Technik!

Robust & Simple

Aurum ADST Design, Construction and key Components at a glance.
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 Slurry Capacities 60 to 800  m3/h
 Solids Extraction Capacities* 20 to 370  ton/h
 Discharge Length** 200 to 500  m
 Dredging Depth (high depth version) -30 (-50) 


 Installed Power (total) 23 to 195  kW 
 Weight (total) 4 to 23 ton 


 Length 2 to 13 m
 Width 1,5 to 7 m
 Height  1,8 to 6,5 m

* Depending on application and job site conditions
**Without booster Set


ADST Line ModularityADST dredgers are built according to a trimaran design comprising 1 central and 2 side pontoons.

This to ensure easier shipping, lifting and assembly.

Gantry & Winch:

ADST Gantry WinchNo long, heavy ladder with suction pipe.
Instead a single gantry along with a strong central winch.

Quality Steel Works

quality steelOur home made steel works are strong, thick welded with care and all due structural reinforcements. For instance, a pontoon of 7000 * 1920 mm weights already 2560 kg.
Welded pontoons are duly sand blasted, in and out primed and air-brush painted. Finally, all Aurum pontoons endure a pressure test to guaranty perfect air and water tightness.

Stability, buoyancy, safety

Our dredgers enjoy a large water footprint (juxtaposition of 3 interconnected pontoons) for optimal stability and buoyancy. The overall ADST center of gravity is very low, close to water level. Our Designs are certified by National Authority for river navigation.
Beyond the strength and quality of our tested pontoons, in the unfortunate case of a serious accident, water detectors in the bilges connected to an alarm system will alert the Dredger Master, who can use the emergency bilge pump to secure the floatability prior to repairs.

Autonomous “M” or Electrical “E” version?

ADST MAurum ADST dredgers are proposed at wish in:ADST Line Electrical
Petrol/Diesel onboard Genset driven (M version)
Electrical, network powered (E version) 


Engine compartments

ADST Line Engine compartmentFor ADST “M” autonomous, Generator Set powered models. Engine compartments are closed, protected from rain and sun. Large doors on each side make Engine checks and maintenance easy. Compartments can be sound insulated for greater Dredger’s Master comfort.


Aurum Klassik dredgers are built with 4 integrated hauling winches in order to secure and change its position on the dredging area. Additionally, on demand, ADST “M” autonomous dredgers can be equipped with 2 Outboard Engines for propelling and navigation.

Submersible dredging pumps

ADST dredgers are equipped with APFT or at wish with TOYO DP ranges of heavy duty electric submersible pumps with agitator. Hydraulic Ripper (Jet set) with adapted flow and pressure ensures higher solids concentration pumping in all circumstances.

Easy pump check upADST Easy Pump Checkup

In emerged position, the dredging pump is resting on its retractable platform which allows swift, easy check-ups and preventive maintenance, in good personnel safety conditions.


ADST Master CabinThe ADST Dredger Master’s cabin enjoys:

  • Thermal insulation, double glazing, and air conditioning,
  • Noise insulation for Genset equipped dredgers,
  • Panoramic view with wiper blades and mirrors on demand,
  • 110, 220, 380 Volts sockets for user’s appliances,
  • GPS and Telecommunications on demand,
  • Comfortable Dredger Master armchair

Electrical security

Anti-cut, anti-attrition sheath for the dredge pump electrical cable and all other deck electrical cables are installed, to prevent any accidental damage.

Electric systems and circuits of the dredger are protected from short circuit currents with automatic breakers; from surge overvoltage, electric equipment is protected with a class 2 surge overvoltage protection device.
Frequency converters ensure protection of electric motors from overload currents and from overheating.
Pump room, electric and transformer rooms are equipped with water detection sensors. The water is automatically pumped from the pump room in case of inadmissible water level.
Security module switches all the motors off when the Emergency Stop button is pushed. All warnings and alarms are displayed in the DCS screen (Dredger Control System).ADST Line Battery 360 M

Batteries for low voltage emergency electrical supply and lightening


Personnel security

ADST Personnel SecurityAurum Dredging Technology GmbH cares for its Personnel Security. As well we care for yours. ADST Line Securities
Guiderails completed with safety chains, Access with footboard, Life buoys, emergency lightening, etc…
In case your country endures below zero temperatures, our Painting & Coating Workshop will apply special Antiskid Paint on all deck surfaces.


Productivity Gains


DischargeProductivity optimization is key to dredging operations’ financial success. Aurum Dredging Technology GmbH is committed to let its Customers achieve the lowest possible €/ton ratio.

Dredging under Control

Control panel General viewFull and easy Control of all Equipment is the first step in efficiently conducted dredging operations.
The ADST Dredger Master accesses all Commands and Monitoring from his cabin centralized control panel.


Depth adjustment automation

Mounting panel Main distribution boardAurum Automation Engineers developed the performing ADST Automation System which controls in real time the dredging dredge pump load (amperage) and adjusts instantly its working depth accordingly. 
This allows to sustain the user defined maximal solids concentration while avoiding unwanted concentration peaks and preventing the risk of pipe clogging.

Dredge pump Frequency Drive

Aurum APFT heavy duty submersible dredging pumps with agitator are driven through a frequency drive. The Dredger Master can easily boost or slow down the dredging pump, depending on discharge length and production targets. 


  • Production rates enhancement
  • Discharge flow speed optimization
  • Prevention of pipe clogging risks
  • Energy savings
  • Spare parts lifetime optimization

As well, once the target parameters set, the drive of the APFT dredge pump and its instant regulation can be included in the Aurum ADST Automation System.

Compact and viscous soils

Aurum Klassik ADST Dredgers are delivered with an integrated Hydraulic Ripping system (Jet Ring), adapted to the customer’s needs.
Pumping of Compact Soils with high cohesion without excavators.
Pumping Plastic Soils containing up to 15% Clay at sustained productivity.
Ripping H/Q optimization
Extra nozzles sets for the Jet Ring (with different output diameter – 6, 8 & 10 mm) are provided. According to the soil types, the balance between ripping pressure and jetting flow can be optimized. The Dredger Master can alone and very easily make the change on the incorporated maintenance platform. 

Jet Pump Frequency Drive

Natural soils are not homogeneous. Viscous clayish layers or hard spots are frequent and can cause production losses via concentration drops.
Our Electrical Engineers can equip your jet pump with a frequency drive what allows to Dredger Master to exert extra ripping force to difficult ground layers.
At different depths or other spots, on softer, easy grounds, energy is to be spared by releasing the ripping force.
Jetting water control and instant regulation can be included in the Aurum ADST Automation System.

Production data analysis

Key production data such as density, capacity, pressures, frequencies, voltages, amperages are measured in real time, to keep the Dredger Master informed and able to optimize his conduct of the dredging operations.
As well, production data recording is offered to Customers willing to analyse a posteriori their dredging outputs. All operation parameters/data can be recorded to that effect.

Night Dredging

ADST Line night dredgingNight time is a very valuable resource to Maximize Output. Therefore, Aurum Dredgers are equipped for 24/24 dredging operations:
Powerful external lightening provides the Dredger Master with visibility. 
Cabin top and desk lightening to facilitate controls and command.


Life Cycle Costs

Besides productivity, Life cycle costs matters to maximize your return on investment. Our Customer Feedback showed through time that wise investment sizing combined with lasting and continuous operations are the best way to maximize dredging profitability.

Aurum Experts therefore engage themselves in:

  • Reducing investment prices thanks to a simple and compact dredger design;
  • Offering quality, robust equipment to ensure break-down free, lasting operations;
  • Designing smart Active and Passive securities to prevent accidental damages.